Animated Fishing Knots App [REVIEW]

Animated Fishing Knots App Review

Animated Fishing Knots Logo

Animated Fishing Knots is going to ⊗ find a home on the phone of any angler⊗. This app has the ability span all types of fishing with its enormous collection of knots. Its also easy to navigate and work with. I think this plays a huge part it its functionality for any fisherman whether they are running a boat off the continental shelf or if they are on small stream on top of a mountain.

The Animated Fishing Knots app is a great reference in a small package that won’t take up much space on your phone. I think any outdoorsman will appreciate that.

Main Features of Fishing Knots Lite App

⇒ The Animated Fishing Knots App opens with a short page of instructions and a picture of a giant largemouth bass. From there you are greeted with an interface that offers an extensive list of knots. These knots can be sorted in two ways. The first way is by category. The app offers up four distinct categories if you choose this option.

  1. Attach a Hook, Fly or Lure.
  2. Miscellaneous.
  3. Tie Two Lines Together.
  4. Tie a Loop in a Line.

You can also sort these knots by name. This breaks them down in alphabetical order. If you are in search of a knot by name this is the best method to use.

From here you can choose a knot and take two options. Next to each knot there is an INFO button and a PLAY button.

⇒ The INFO button will show the knot in its completed form and give a few words about the knot itself and what its useful for.

⇒ If you choose the PLAY button it will take you to an animation that features how the knot is tied. The animations are short and a little rough to follow. You get an info section and an animated video for every knot in the application.

What I Liked The Most?

Lots of Knots

There is a lot to like about this app. Someone did a lot of work compiling these knots in one place. There are more than a handful of knots that I have never even heard of. This is exciting to a guy like me.

It may be overkill for others but having the right knot for the job is paramount. I find it to be very interesting all the ways that you can utilize these knots.

Unique Categories

What makes this app standout is how it offers the four unique categories of knots. When you are dealing with this many knots and you see them only by name it becomes very hard for you to find the knot you need. In most cases you will be unsure of the name or what it does. That being said it is much easier when you break them down into their unique use. If I am looking to attach a fly to a hook I have that category to explore.

When you break something like knots into categories it helps the average person understand what’s possible. It helps them navigate to what they need. While many apps offer a group of knots its rare that you find something that categorizes them for you in a way that makes sense.

⇒ By far the most impressive feature here is not just the categorization but the categories chosen for the user to pick from. Its only four of them but they are the most important four that you could ask for.

What I Liked The Least?


Unfortunately, for this app I really was not a fan of the animation. I thought that the animations were crude, and some did not even really give enough info to the person tying the knot. Since I have been fishing and tying knots for many years I could follow the animation and see where they were trying to go.

When I thought about the what a beginner would see it concerned me.Some things like twists in lines were shown using a strange hand animation that never really turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Instead the hand appeared to simple show the back of the hand and then the palm. I was not a fan of this. For someone who was trying to learn knots I thought it was an ugly way to show knot tying.

The app has a great collection of knots. Its one of the best out there for fishing exclusively. The problem with the app is the animation and that is terrible news because it is the feature of the app. For each knot you will find a great picture of the knot that shows you exactly where you are going. You will also find a great section of information about all the wonderful things this knot can be used for.

Unfortunately, the animations need to be redone to include more detail.

Looking at comparable apps that use live people to tie knots there is really no comparison. The animations of this app really drops it down a level. This app has some serious benefits even without he animations but when you get into complicated looping knots the instruction suddenly becomes necessary.

⇒ The animations are also the only instruction for the knots. There is no step by step written directions. This means that you must really be sure of the animation which is less than helpful.

My Final Take

In the world of fishing knots, diversity should be considered. The Animated Fishing Knots app ♦ offers an incredible array of knots with some essential information and pictures on each. The effective categorization makes it easy for you to fill your need.

The app is small and easy to navigate. Any angler has room to throw this app on their phone and have a resource in the creek or on the ocean.

While the Θ animations are not up to par with other apps you can still get an idea of what is trying to be presented. If you come from a background where knots are part of your life you will have no trouble navigating and executing. If you are a newbie you may have some trouble.

Fishing Knots App [REVIEW]

Fishing Knots App Review

Fishing Knots App Logo

The Fishing Knot app is a small app that will find a perfect home ⊗ on the phone of fisherman all over ⊗. It doesn’t really matter if they enjoy catching mountain trout or sailfish off the continental shelf. This app has knots for fisherman of all walks of life.

I would also imagine that this app would do well for the average survivor or camping enthusiast. Whether you are pitching a tent, building a shelter or working on some other campsite project these knots would help. Most of them tie in paracord just as well as they do in monofilament.

Main Features of Fishing Knots App

The Fishing Knots app is a no fuss directory of 30 knots. There is not a lot to the app and for what it’s worth that might be a good thing. When you are managing an app that features distinct types of knots it should be simple.

⇒ The menu scrolls up and down with graphics of each knot. In the menu the scrolled graphics were of finished knots only. Some of the knots are affixed to graphic representations of baits. For example: There is a graphic representation of the Rapala knot and the line is tied to a small color picture of a Rapala fishing lure.

⇒ When you click each knot, you are presented with a two or three picture representation of how to tie that knot. The more complicated the knot the more steps there are. Each collection of pictures also features written directions for creating the knot as well.

⇒ Beyond that there is not much to the app. You have an option to pay for the app and remove ads. The ads are not very intrusive and appear at the bottom of the app. The Fishing Knots app is simple and to the point. All that you need if you are just looking to grow our repertoire of knots.

What I Liked The Most?


When you are on the water and you are fumbling around with baits and lines your phone is often tucked away. Most fisherman have at least one concrete example of how water and smart phones don’t mix.

If you do happen to refer to your phone you want it to be brief and quick. Most times it’s for a picture of the setting or a big fish you caught. What I liked most about Fishing Knots is that it is a quick and easy glance to find what you are looking for. When you are dealing with an app like this you must applaud its simplicity.

Login Not Required

There is no start menu and there is no login. This app opens right up to the goods. You are dealing with 30 knots, so the scrolling is simple, and it doesn’t take long to find what you are looking for. I imagine myself on the water. I prefer wading and stalking fish. In an environment like that this app could be opened, instructions reviewed and placed back in my pocket with one hand. There is no need for a type search or anything like that.

⇒ Whether you are looking to execute something as simple as the Bimini twist knot or just a simple clinch knot, it’s all at your fingertips with this app. In a world of fancy graphics, animations and eye-catching photography there is something nice about this app. It feels almost like a tool. You wouldn’t expect something catch from your fishing net. It does its job and that is all you expect.

What I Liked The Least?

Not Enough Directions

For the more complicated knots in this app you are left with only a few pictures and few lines of directions. I have worked with other knot tying apps and for more complicated versions of knots there were videos and more instruction. For a fisherman like me I can figure my way around most any type of knot. I have been tying them for 20 years. What concerns me about this app is the person who is new to fishing.

Knot tying is not that complicated, but you will find yourself putting it off if learning how to fish is the number one priority. This means an app that  could be making those knots irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I would like to see some video links or a little more information when it comes to tying knots with more than four steps that are particularly complicated.

My advice to the creator would not be to spend money on a fancy interface or new graphics but to focus on offering more direction and instruction on these knots.

No Suggested Use

What I would also love to see would be a suggested use for many of these knots. That could be a major help. A blood knot is a very important knot for fisherman to know unless they don’t know why they need to know it. Then you have something like a nail knot and I cannot say with full confidence that I even know what to use that knot for.

⇒ The app is simple, and I like that about it, but I would like to see the emphasis on users’ success. Bringing the knots to the attention of the user is one thing but another big goal should be to assure the user is successful in creating and using those knots.

My Final Take

With the Fishing Knots app, we have a very simple collection of knots that I would call more of a tool than an app. There is just not a lot going on outside of knots on this app and I don’t think that’s a terrible thing! If you are looking for a quick access, easy to navigate knot resource on your person this app beats a book any day.

Aside from a few tweaks I think ♦ the average fisherman would benefit from having this app on their phone. It takes up no space at all and is a simple resource. When you need the right knot, you want to have it and the best place to have it is in your pocket.

FishBrain Fishing App [REVIEW]

FishBrain App Review

Fishbrain App Logo

Basically ⊗ every angler, no matter how much fishing experience they have will find this app useful ⊗. It will add a little something extra to your fishing experience that will help make it much more enjoyable. After all, any hobby like fishing is about enjoying your time while doing it and FishBrain will help take your love and enjoyment of fishing to a whole new level.

Main Features of FishBrain App

FishBrain is quickly becoming one of the largest and most popular community-based fishing Apps. It now has a following that includes thousands of active anglers sharing very helpful info about their catches and various other fish related findings on a daily basis. If you are a fisherman and enthusiastic angler, this unique new fishing app will allow you to:

⇒ Track Your Catches:

What’s better than being able to log your latest catch literally seconds after you have it on your boat. FishBrain gives you the ability to record and track your catches including the ability to note the fish’s weight, length, method used to catch it, catch picture and more. Once you log in your data, you can then use the app to display charts of your catches, check your progress and see when you are really killing it.

⇒ Connect with Other Anglers:

The world is one big online community these days and it’s no different when it comes to fishing. FishBrain allows you to be a big part of that without going through much effort at all. It enables you to easily get in touch with thousands of anglers that share your common fishing goals and interests.  FishBrain not only allows you to follow specific species of fish that you like to catch and play solo but it also allows you to connect with other anglers in your local area to share fishing information and to see who is the best. Literally, it’s the new Facebook for anglers! You can post your favorite fishing moments, join fishing discussions, and follow anglers or any specific fish species being caught or the methods used by FishBrain community members to catch them.

⇒ Get info on Fishing Hotspots:

Just like for any wireless hotspot, quality access points are a premium service on FishBrain that require a security key to connect to. In order to see such things as the closest fly fishing bass hotspot, you will need to load your electronic wallet and then pay a monthly subscription fee of 5.99 USD.

What I Liked The Most?

People Discovery

The Discovery feature acts much like the search tool on a social media app such as Facebook. It will allow you to contact and stay in touch with fishermen that you know, follow some of the better anglers that use the app and join groups of FishBrain users who have common fishing interests with you. You can even pick and choose the settings of this feature that you want to use at the current time. An example of this is on those days you just want to be alone with your own thoughts, you can conveniently show yourself as being offline. So you get to pick how social you want to be on any day you are using the app while out fishing.

News Feed

The news feed helps users to quickly get familiar with the application from the first time they use it. It also offers a quick access to the ‘Track Catches’ functionality which is one of the core features of the application. Also, I liked the small species pictures on the bottom-right side of the application which allow anglers to navigate easily to related posts within the same species category.

I believe that the news feed could be better organized by being split into several tabs or filtered based on relevant criteria (Newest, Most trendy, Relevant to You…) to promote navigability and offer a better user experience.

Map Discovery

The Map feature perfectly fulfills the core feature of the FishBrain App which is to provide anglers with a means to record their real life catches and then plot their exact location on map. It provides useful fishing information related to the area being displayed on the map such as news of the recent catches, the current weather forecast and the different fish species being caught in the area on the current day. To get access to the type of baits that people are having success with on a given day once again requires a premium subscription plan. FishBrain does a great job when it comes to promoting their paid services without annoying the user and taking away the joy of using the app.

What I Liked The Least?

Log a Catch

The “Log Catch” functions a few too many steps to be completed. It operates by taking you through a wizard which requires you to perform up to 10 manual actions to complete the whole operation of logging only one single catch. This makes it a critical issue given that this is a core feature of the application. In addition to this fact, the visual display design is not one that is very appealing to the user in most cases. I understand that at this point FishBrain App is trying to get the most relevant data about the anglers’ catches to populate the application with more useful information and makes it engaging with rich content.

Sign up and on-boarding

The application walks the user through the regular registration methods (via Email or Social media accounts) which is totally understandable. However, I deem that it might be better if the application gives a user the ability to continue as a guest. That way they can sample the app and assess its value before committing to register for its use. Also, the application doesn’t require any email or phone verification which allows malicious users to introduce fake data.

The on-boarding sequence is well-designed from the user experience perspective. It allows users to skip the steps of registering for a premium account and get right to logging their first catch. Even though I feel that mixing 2 separate goals in the same on-boarding sequence is not a good practice. Moreover, it’s safe to say that it’s less likely that anglers would go for a premium account or log a catch before using the app and getting familiar with it.

Application Header

I believe that there is a bit of confusion over this part of the app. The application header mixes up different types of functions with different levels of importance and usage. Showing these all at the same level is just not a good idea. Things such as the discover feature could easily be moved to the setting section since this feature is intended to only be lightly used by most app users.

Also, the fishing forecast functionality could be retired from the header and still be nicely accessible if kept only in the Mapbox section (in the bottom of the map). This would make this feature more dynamic by giving the weather forecast based only on the visible map section which is set by default to each user’s location.

One final thing to note, I think the FishBrain App could have taken better advantage of the menu tab (in place of the logo). This would help a user to better access only those features they were interested in and at the same time keep the header less cluttered as a user conducts their search.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 3/5

  • The app appears to load quickly but miss the load progress the first time.
  • The on-boarding sequence includes several steps and mixes different goals (premium account and creating first catch).
  • Splash screen is consistent with the brand.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 4/5

  • Home screen provides users (anglers) with the journey and functionality to complete their priority feature (adding catches), and provides content that meets their expectations.
  • Primary navigation and content (fishing news) is visible.
  • Off-line content is not supported.
  • Provides an infinitely scrolling on the home screen but in some cases dead-ends when selecting a single post.
  • User settings are not easily accessible.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 3/5

  • User sign-up for the app is quick but the benefit statements are not compelling.
  • User has multiple sign-up options.
  • Doesn’t provide non-signed-in journey.
  • Doesn’t perform email and phone verification.

Content & Design – Rating: 4/5

  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • User can discover new content via an Infinite stream (scrolling with no dead-ends in some cases).
  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 3/5

  • Content is not accessible when user has no internet connection.
  • Primary call-to-action buttons (add catch and moment) are persistently visible.
  • Doesn’t ask users to rate app too soon after downloading it.

My Final Take

I hope you can now understand why this app jumped out at me once I first discovered it. It’s truly different than any fishing app I have ever come across. People who fish are like a brotherhood and FishBrain allows you to share your fishing experiences with this brotherhood more than any other fishing app. The social side of it will truly give you a unique fishing experience when using it.

The beauty of FishBrain does not start and stop with the online community aspect of it either. It is a handy way to chart and ♦ keep track of an abundance of your fishing days and see how successful you were on each one. You can use it to do such things as see patterns on certain fishing days that led you to be wildly successful and then use that to your advantage the next time you go out on the water. The things you can do regarding fishing with this app are pretty much only limited by your own imagination.

I personally have chosen to make this app a part of every one of my fishing days. When I am on the water on the same day as my faraway friends this app makes me feel more like we are in the same boat together as we share our day’s fishing experiences. Without a doubt, ♦ I feel this is a must have app for any angler that wants to experience even more enjoyment when they are out for a fun and relaxing day of fishing.

Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time App [REVIEW]

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time App Review

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time Logo

While and app like will certainly find favor ⊗ amongst hunters and fisherman ⊗ there are many other groups that will find it useful as well.

⇒ For the outdoorsman you are getting the convenience of data in one spot and that is great.

⇒ I could also see people like day boaters finding great use in this app as it features tides and places.

⇒ The hiker and adventurer would also get great use out of this app because of its ability to forecast your hike or camping excursion as well as offer you some GPS functionality to help get around and mark some of your favorite features along the way.

Main Features of Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time App

⇒ The highlighted feature of the Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time app is that it offers you a Day Rating. This Day Rating is based on all the various conditions of the day weather seems to play a very large part in all of this as well as the lunar cycle.

The day rating is not merely a moderate up and down model based on cycles. Instead, you will see stark declines in the quality of fishing and hunting on certain days. The app is always calculating.

⇒ The main interface of the app also features Major and Minor times. These offer you a break up of that day. The Major time highlights when peak activity will occur and the Minor time offers up a section of the day that will likely be the least productive.

There are two times for each distinction one in the am and one in the pm. This menu allows you to drill down into various features that make up the main interface. Here you will find options for:

Forecast – Calendar – Tides – Places – Weather – Settings

⇒ The calendar allows you to look at past days and future days, if you have pro. The location feature allows you to pinpoint spots on your phones google maps and saves them under whichever title you’d like. You can find that great spot over and over again. Tides, weather and forecast are pretty self-explanatory and work well.

What I Liked The Most?


Without a doubt this app is all about convenience. What I liked most about the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app was that it pulled all sorts of interesting data together in one place for me. Now, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with their forecast of the day I still had the weather, lunar pattern, tides and the best times of the day.

Weather forecast

The weather forecast is a deep dive that offers much more than just temp. You get a 5-day forecast, humidity, wind speed and direction, precip chance and even barometric pressure. It is the inclusion of systems like this that make this app so convenient.

Locations Log

Add to that the ability to log several locations into the app and you have something that can dictate exactly what you want to do with your day. At the head of the article I mentioned how precious our time was. Nothing has changed. There has to be a degree of certainty when it comes to taking a day and devoting our time to it.

When you have the ability to over view the conditions of several locations in a matter of minutes it also allows you to consider multiple types of outdoor excursions. Are you looking to get after crappies on a pond or maybe because of the conditions you go trolling for big cats in the river? With this level of convenience, you can also establish what another location might be fishing like if you decide to change spots.

What would take several apps or websites to pull off I can do in just one look at the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app. It travels with me and I don’t have to worry about being tethered to the data of one fishing spot.

What I Liked The Least?

Unfortunately, this app is pushing its users to buy the pro edition of the app. I am always fascinated at what method application developers use to push users to buy the full app.

For this application the tactic is to allow you only to see one day into the future. If you get the free app and plan to look out a few days to plan a trip you will be, sadly, let down. To see this app, operate at full power you will need to spend some money.

I should mention that the cost of going pro is only $2.99, so you are not breaking the bank to do this. Still, I would like to see what the forecasts of the future look like. I am interested to see how they calculate less reliable forecasted weather that is maybe 5 days out.

For the weekender these are very important things. Again, its about dedication of time. If this app is utilizing weather forecast as part of their equation what do those far out dates look like and how reliable are they?

This question cannot be answered unless you pay the $2.99. Now for some that might be a reasonable risk but for others it will not be. It will cost the app some users or it will allow for the user to operate the app in a limited fashion.

That said, even in its limited capacity knowing everything you know about the day ahead is still pretty great. You are still getting that great collection of data and you are still getting it all in one place modified to your saved locations.

My Final Take

Overall the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app is a highly functional app that offers a beautiful and simple to operate interface. Anyone with an even basic knowledge of how to use apps will be able to take advantage of all this app offers.

Where this app really soars is in its ♦ ability to bring the outdoorsman all they need to know about the day that stands before them. There is no guessing about sunrise times and no wondering about tides.

I really like the Major and Minor times as well for day planning. It always helps to know exactly when you should be in the woods.  Any outdoorsman will enjoy having this app as part of his or her arsenal.

Pro Angler app [REVIEW]

Pro Angler App Review

Pro Angler App Logo

You will find this to be one of the ⊗ ultimate apps for the coastal fisherman. ⊗ There is nothing like it on the market. There is not even a book that can do what this app does. Not only will the avid salt water fisherman find this app highly effective but so too will the beachgoer. Just think about the delight the average vacationer could get from knowing exactly what fish are biting and the best way to catch them. This app gives you all that information and more.

Main Features of Pro Angler App

⇒ Imagine a fishing application that would allow you to search any coastal state in the nation and find out all about what is happening in the water there. This is exactly how Pro Angler app works. It’s much deeper than just that but that is how the app opens.

⇒ Upon searching a state, you are faced with several regions in that state for fishing. These can be areas for inshore, nearshore or offshore fishing. Some areas contain opportunities for each. If you drill down on a certain region you will find a full overview of conditions that are affecting the region. You can consider the future or just discover today’s weather, tides, winds, bait shops, boat launches and marinas. It even features the lunar cycle.

⇒ You can also search the region by fish. So, if you are after bluefish you will have the ability to search that region specifically for fish and it will give you all the information you could want on bluefish in the area. It’s filled with tips and hints as well as information on regulations that are unique to the state and region you have selected.

⇒ There is also an essentials section in the app that can be tailored to things like licenses, rigs and lures, and even how-to videos.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 2.5/5

  • The app takes too long to load the first time.
  • Splash screen is consistent with brand but keeps the user waiting for no specific reason.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 2.5/5

  • App logo is used subtly and sparingly.
  • Menu drawer is not used to display settings, home menu items…
  • Main menu is only accessible from the home page.
  • Primary content and functionality are not
    on-screen by default.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 4/5

  • Doesn’t provide non-signed-in journey.
  • User sign-up for the app is quick but the benefit statements are not compelling.
  • First-time user has multiple sign-up options.

Content & Design – Rating: 3/5

  • User can’t discover new content easily. The app takes too long to upload new content.
  • Visual design engages and enhances the
    user experience.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 3/5

  • Content is not accessible when user has no internet connection.
  • Primary call-to-action buttons are persistently visible.
  • Do not ask users to rate app too soon after downloading it.

What I Liked The Most?

♣  Search by Fish

Listen, there is a lot to like about the Pro Angler app. You will find a myriad of resources to make your next fishing trip a hit. To me the most impressive part of the app was not just searching regionally but the functionality that allows you to search by fish.

The menu features an option to search by a certain fish. This function also has a filter that allows you not only to search for snapper but you can also search by which fish are in season. This is an incredible option for people who are at the beach on day trips or vacations. To know what’s in season where you are and how to catch it is so important.

♣ Regulations, Bag limits and Rules

Not only that but this fish based search also offers you state regulations, bag limits and rules for fishing for that species. Again, as a committed saltwater angler you may know this info but when you head into a different area you will want this information hand and Pro Angler puts it all in your pocket.

You are simply not going to find an app that can do all of this and give you the ability to drill down on each fish. I am guessing the app pulls some of its information directly from fish and game sites across the nation. That is the only way they could stay up to date on things like bag limits per day.

The bag limit tells you how many fish you can bring home per day, depending on the type of fish you are searching. There are lofty fines for breaking these laws.

Pro Angler App Fish Regulations

What I Liked The Least?

Θ Tailored to Saltwater Only 

I am a freshwater fisherman and what I would like to see is an addition to the app for those who fish freshwater as well. This app is called Pro Angler but it is exclusively tailored to the saltwater angler. The app is highly functional and aside from a short loading period when you choose a region it works flawlessly.

I would have preferred a few options for the angler who likes to get after largemouth bass or even trout in the mountains. I understand that this would be a huge inclusion to the app. It would take much more space to detail the many inland bodies of water and the freshwater species. The fact of the matter is if you make an app called Pro Angler it’s tough for you to understand why it only features salt water species. I would have preferred the name to be Pro Saltwater Angler.

Θ Info about Freshwater Species

I think the purchased features are relevant and the amount of information that you get in the free app is outrageous. Some apps tend to give you nothing in the free version only to tempt you will the purchase but Pro Angler doesn’t do that.

This app would be near perfection if it offered a small bit of information about freshwater species. I cannot help but get caught up on the name of the app and the fact that it leaves out mainland fishing altogether. In the future I think it would the creator good to produce a similar app for the freshwater fishing crowd or include some information and locations about freshwater fishing or even brackish water fishing local to the area.

Pro Angler App Saltwater Locations

My Final Take

♦ You are looking at an application that has been thought out by fisherman. There are apps that are put together quickly and easily to get them to market and start making money. Pro Angler has stunning photography and details within that app that make a truly great experience. There are offers to fisherman and graphics that fit in just the right places.

These details would be for nothing if it weren’t for the incredible amounts of information and knowledge that are tied into this app. The idea that you are one button press away from any salt water fishing region in the nation is incredible. By selecting a state and then a region you will be inundated with everything you need to know to fish that area, even where to drop your boat in!