Bass Pro Shops Fishing App [REVIEW] – RETIRED

Bass Pro Shops App Review

Bass Pro Shops App Logo

If you are like me and you want to make sure every purchase ⊗ you make gives you something in return, ⊗ and you like that your favorite store says thank you for shopping with them. This app is for you. I don’t know if Bass Pro is the greatest place to buy in the world, but I like their selection and the fact that I can track what I buy from them through the rewards app.

Main Features of Bass Pro Shops App

Because the app is pretty bare bones right now, the functions are really simple. Me, I like simple. After signing in and connecting the app, you have one page in front of you that is easier to navigate than a town with only one street.

⇒ The face of the app includes my name, rewards ID, and a scanable barcode that makes collecting points in store a breeze. This also helps to make sure that I can always lose my points and not have to carry around another card. With all my trout trophy pictures, my wallet is fat enough as it is. If you do like the plastic card feel, you can easily order a card with two touches of the fingertip.

⇒ On the app, you can easily view your current points balance, and view your points’ history. Being an outdoor junkie can mean spending a lot of dough, and the rewards program is there to give some of the back. Having access to the history means that I can make sure I get all the credit coming to me.

⇒ Speaking of credit, I don’t do this often, but once in a while I forget my card, or a family member buys me something from Bass Pro without using my rewards card. Thanks to the app, ♣ I can take any receipt and input the purchase information. Boom, instant credit. ♣ I never miss a purchase, and never miss a reward. Which is good, and bad, because it gives me incentive to buy more.

What I Liked The Most?


I really love how simple the whole app is. From signing in to tracking my rewards history, I never have to perform more than three actions to accomplish anything in the Bass Pro Shops app. The simplicity extends to a very fast experience while using the app. I don’t have a long wait time to record purchase receipts, or make sure I am getting all my rewards.


Speaking of signing in, the app has a little feature that I found enormously helpful on the log-in screen that allows me to view my password as I type it. The problem with smart phones and touch screens is that it can be difficult to make sure I’m hitting the key I want to hit. Thanks to this handy feature I can view the password as I type it, and not get stuck in a loop of “incorrect password” errors, with no idea which letter I am inputting wrong.

Rewards card

I also love that I can use the phone as my rewards card. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to use my bounty of rewards’ points only to be told I couldn’t because I didn’t have a blasted card. Using my phone as the rewards card is so easy and very convenient.

The look

I’m not much of a looks guy, and usually as long as something works I am good with it, unless it is drowning in pink, of course. I love the look of the Bass Pro Shops app. The screen background has almost everything I want. A small logo that doesn’t interrupt the view of a gorgeous wilderness scene makes me want to go outside and do something.

What I Liked The Least?

Can’t shop from the App

The obvious hole in the current app platform is that you cannot shop directly from the app. I would love to be able to do everything in one place. After all we are in the age of ultimate convenience, right? The real problem is that I have to sign in twice to be able to use my Bass Pro Shops account. Or, not use the app altogether.

One of the primary reasons I wanted the app and to start shopping online with Bass Pro Shops is because I had to move for work. Where I live now is more than an hour from a Bass Pro Shops store, so I was hoping I could keep shopping with Bass Pro Shops without making the drive. It’s true that I can use the website, but what is the point of having the app if it doesn’t let me shop ?!

System errors

The set up process was a little difficult at first as well. I usually shop in store, so I didn’t have an online account. I am not sure why, but I got several system errors. This may be due to the rebuild of the app and website, but it was nonetheless frustrating. Even without the errors, the skeleton nature of the app should be easier to access and set up.

I ended up calling the Bass Pro Shops rewards center, and they were superbly helpful.

After a brief conversation, I was able to get around the errors and have full access to my rewards account via the app. If their customer service is any indication of how the app will be in the future, I have high hopes for this development and functionality of the Bass Pro Shops App.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 3/5

  • The app appears to load quickly but miss the load progress the first time.
  • On-boarding sequence is not used which could be considered as a good practice since the App is about an online shop.
  • Splash screen is consistent with the brand and communicate its essence.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 2.5/5

  • The home screen doesn’t provide the user with journey(s) and functionality to complete their priority tasks, and content that meets their needs and expectations.
  • After signing in, the home screen appears with a link to enroll for the rewards program which is totally unexpected at this stage.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 2.5/5

  • The App direct the user to the website to complete his sign up. This is considered as a bad mobile UX.
  • Registration requires multiple user date to be completed, this is a road-block to adoption. The App could capture the bulk of user data during their first checkout.
  • User can select to reveal or hide password as they type, during sign-up or sign-in.
  • Return-user is persistently signed-in to their App.

Content & Design – Rating: 2.5/5

  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience.
  • Most of content is provided by the website and not by the App.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 2/5

  • The App takes users very often to the browser ( website) to accomplish their journey.
  • The App is buggy sometimes.

My Final Take

Even though the app is in a very limited state right now, what they have works very well. I am able to have direct and dedicated access to a single aspect of my Bass Pro Shops experience. ♦ The rewards program is something I really enjoy as part of being a customer, and this app takes a lot of questions and annoyance out of using a rewards program.

I recommend downloading and using the app, and exercising a little patience until they release a full version with shopping and ordering features.

Fish Rules Fishing App [REVIEW]

Fish Rules App Review

Fish Rules App Logo

Okay, I know I said I’m pretty amateur, and go out to get whatever I can, but ⊗ this app is great for anyone who fishes on the East or Gulf Coast. ⊗ For pros, the tracking feature lets you keep accurate data of the fish you have caught, and whether you harvested or released it.

The tracking feature is also great for those who are testing different types of bait. It doesn’t have a bait feature, but by tracking the type and size of catch you can figure out what bait to use to catch your favorite fish.

If you are a newer angler, like me, you will love this app. The photo layout is super simple to identify the fish you catch. Each fish has its own profile that includes which species are good for eating.

Main Features of Fish Rules App

⇒ I want to start with the greatest limitation of Fish Rules; the laws, regulations, and species are limited to just the Eastern US, Gulf Coast, and the Bahamas. That’s a huge area of coverage, so even though it doesn’t cover the west coast, the biggest limitation is quite minimal. If you are a fisherman on the line anywhere in the salt waters from Maine to Texas, this app will work for you.

⇒ The user interface of the app is quite simple to negotiate. After setting the location you will be fishing by region, GPS location feature on your phone, or manual input of latitude and longitude, the app will automatically compile all the fishing regulations for you. Each species in your selected area is shown via list or photo layout. I prefer the photo layout of the app, because I can quickly identify the fish I have on line.

⇒ Fish Rules also has a customized log in that allows me track what fish I catch, how many, and which are my favorites. This is especially helpful for limited species that require end of year reporting. I have been able to easily record my data for later access when it comes time for reporting.

What I Liked The Most?

Species Associated Pictures

My first and favorite feature is the option to change the list from text to photo. Almost every species has some kind of associated picture that gives a clear visual of what the fish looks like. The list is scroll style, so I can quickly sort through the different species to find what I have caught.

Regulations and Fish Markers 

Clicking on the picture then reveals the regulations and limits for every species. Not all the entries have photos, but the app developers have included drawn pictures like you would find in a text book or regulations manual. I love that each species has a section, accessed by swiping the photo to the left, that gives identifying markers for each species.

Easy identification of Species

Even the list view is extremely helpful. This view offers quick reference and easy access to all the species and regulations in your chosen area. My favorite part of this feature is the easy identification of which species are legal to harvest, and which are prohibited. Being an amateur, I don’t know all of the illegal to catch species, but Fish Rules clearly identifies the illegal species by listing them in bright red text.

Clicking on the name of the species gives you access to the pictures that I talked about previously, so you can still easily identify if you have a legal catch.

While I was playing around with the app, I looked at one of the prohibited species, and was pleased to see that some of the species include tips for safe release of a fish.

Edibility Info

I also really like the section of the fish profile that tells you how edible each fish is. It doesn’t give any recipes, but you can tell if the fish you caught is worth taking home, cleaning, and trying to impress your friends and family with. The profile feature also shows how to keep the fish fresh as you travel between fishing and grilling.

What I Liked The Least?

Limited to the Eastern US Coast 

As I mentioned earlier, the largest downside to the app is that the regulations are limited to the Eastern US Coast. I have family that lives on the West Coast, and we love to get out and brave the cool Pacific waters to grab some fish. They live in California, which has some crazy strict regulations, so it would be nice to be able to have those regulations in the same app. Not a deal breaker, since I don’t fish out their often, but is a definite nice to have.

Limited to Saltwater Fishing

The second shortcoming is that the app is limited to just saltwater fishing. In the app description is states, “Fish Rules simplifies salt water fishing regulations.” Living in the South, we have tons of fresh water fishing holes that have their own regulations, and it would be nice to have quick access to a fresh water option in this app. I understand the complexity involved in integrating both fresh and salt water fishing, but with a name like “Fish Rules”, you would think it would be more inclusive for more than just salt water species.

My only other area for improvement for Fish Rules is the log feature of the catch. I really like that I can log the fish that I caught, but the information that you can input is limited.

Limited Log Catch Inputs

I think the app would greatly benefit from a notes option for each logged catch. Nothing fancy, but somewhere that I can record the bait I used, rod, line weight, and etcetera. I would also like to see the notes section so I could record the exact areas where I found different fish, and the best place to buy the most successful bait. I know this seems picky, but I want to have all my info organized in a single place.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 4/5

  • The app appears to load quickly.
  • Splash screen is consistent with brand.
  • App purpose and the priority user journeys are clear.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 3/5

  • Only primary content and functionality is on-screen by default.
  • Menu Drawer could be better than the popup menu to be accessible from all app levels.
  • Menu list terminology is obvious to the target but mixes different levels of functions.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 3/5

  • Provide non-signed-in journey.
  • Request sign-up “only” when it is dependent on providing value.
  • Email address is not verified.
  • User doesn’t have multiple sign-up options.

Content & Design – Rating: 4/5

  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience.
  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • Return user can quickly view favorite content.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 3/5

  • Content is accessible when user has no connection.
  • Modal views are used for self-contained tasks.
  • Text and content is not easy to read sometimes (Conservation, disclaimer pages…).

My Final Take

If it isn’t already apparent, I really love the Fish Rules app. Even if it just had the pictures and names, I would still enjoy using the app. Something about being able to see an example of the catch without having to sort through pages and pages of low quality pictures really endears this app to me. I love that all the info is portable, and that I don’t have to carry around the book to begin with only adds to the appeal.

Since Fish Rules includes other features and easy to understand regulations that outweigh its short comings, ♦ I would highly recommend adding the app to your tackle box.

Fishidy Fishing App [REVIEW]

Fishidy App Review

Fishidy App Logo

Really, ⊗ Fishidy is for anyone who is interested in fishing. ⊗

⇒ Experienced fishermen will benefit from swapping stories, and keeping up to date on the conditions of their favorite places. Also, you can post to, “The Braggin’ Board” to compete in weekly photo contests.

⇒ For newbies, like me, the app provides guidance, tips, and inspiration that you need sometimes after hiking up to a 7,200 foot elevation lake and coming away with nothing but a lost lure. The view was gorgeous though.

Main Features of Fishidy App

⇒ The main page of Fishidy is the “Activity Stream” that looks like your typical social media feed. The difference is that this stream shows posts from the catches of fellow fishermen. The default view is a general feed that shows posts from app users all over the USA. However, you can select the stream to only show posts for areas that you are interested in. I selected to follow only posts made in the areas around Northern California that I want to try out.

⇒ The app allows you to search and follow waterways across the US, post and record catches, follow other anglers, and share advice info and questions about your favorite fishing holes. I loved these features, because they gave me an advanced view of what I had to look forward to.

⇒ Fishidy app has an interactive map that shows the locations of fishing areas, and shows where other users have recorded a catch. This was super helpful to me as I was planning where I was fishing. I was able to see where fish were biting recently, and know what species have been caught. If you are an experienced angler you know what areas are popular, so you can sneak off to find your own private spot.

⇒ Fishidy app includes information for thousands of waterways, and the map is divided up by counties, which helps when searching out specific regulations and fishable areas.

What I Liked The Most?

Fishing Map

Fishidy has no shortage of useful features. One of my favorite features is the fishing map. The map is a satellite overlay of the US that can be zoomed in to focus on your specific area.

The coolest part of this is that the app places markers where users have posted their catches. When you tap on the marker it brings up a user posted photo, the fish they caught, and the gear and bait they used to catch. When you’re new to an area, these posts can help set you off on the right hook.

Species Info and Regulations

For each of the waterways Fishidy has information for, they also include a list of common species that are caught. You can tap the species to see a picture, and identification information. I’m not an ichthyologist (expert in fish studies), so having a little help knowing the key identifiers of different fish is indescribably helpful. Out here in California, the fishing regulations can be rather strict and punishing, so having the extra knowledge of what fish is what removes the stress of fishing.

Weather Conditions

Along with species identification and fishing tips, the app also shows weather conditions for your chosen spot. Not all of us have the luxury of hopping out our back yard to a lake or river, so knowing conditions before you make the trek can help save a day, or help find the best conditions close by.

Socila Media

I think my favorite feature is the social media aspect. Fishidy lets me customize my feed and follow other people who know and fish my favorite waterways. I have been able to follow people who are local to my area, and get to know how best to fish. Getting back into the sport is becoming a lot easier thanks to being able to link up with people. I haven’t made any friends on the app, yet, but I look forward to swapping stories of epic tug-o-war battles with feisty fish.

What I Liked The Least?

I have been singing the praises of Fishidy, and really like most of what the app has to offer. There are a few exceptions, though.

Exclusion of Saltwater Fishing

The first, and most annoying for me, is the complete exclusion of saltwater fishing in the Pacific Northwest. I have lived in Northern California for over twenty-five years, and have known many people who fish in Monterey Bay, San Francisco, and other areas. However, the app is completely devoid of any saltwater fishing north of Santa Barbara. This includes Washington and Oregon. I would love to see this app include these waterways and the fish species found there.

Missing Pictures

Speaking of fish species, other apps I have seen include pictures for almost every sportfish out there. Given the weight and support of Fishidy, I was surprised that they had so many missing pictures for their listed species. Often times, it is just as important to know what to avoid when fishing, so it would also be nice to include some information on protected species.

Road Markers  Fishing

My only other complaint is in the map section. It is obvious that Fishidy developers and partner Fishing Hot Spots put a lot of work into creating the map, but they have left out major road markers and identifiers. While I was up by Tahoe, I was trying to find a few spots suggested to me by a local, but couldn’t track them down in Fishidy, because of the complete lack of identifying roads. One of the best parts of fishing is finding good spots, and that little extra, “here’s highway 50” would be really nice.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 4/5

  • Splash screen is consistent with brand.
  • Splash screen engages users and communicate the essence of the brand, and doesn’t keep the user waiting. So it puts the user in control and lets him execute the next task ASAP (Sign up).

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 3/5

  • Uses a menu drawer, it displays it on first use.
  • Only primary content and functionality is on-screen by default.
  • Long screens don’t have dead-ends (load more feature).

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 3/5

  • Doesn’t provide non-signed-in journey.
  • Doesn’t request sign-up “only” when it is dependent on providing value.
  • Requests minimal data during sign-up.
  • User sign-up for the app is quick but the benefit statements are not compelling.

Content & Design – Rating: 3/5

  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • User can discover new content or products via an Infinite stream (load more).
  • Visual design is not that engaging to enhance  the user experience.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 4/5

  • Content is not accessible when user has no internet connection.
  • Primary call-to-action buttons (add catch) are persistently visible.
  • On-screen content and transitions between screens appear fast and responsive.

My Final Take

♦ Ok, so Fishidy isn’t perfect, but it is an awesome app. Even though there are several features, I was able to quickly learn how to use them. I loved the breadth of information available, and that a lot of the info is from locals who know the area the best. I highly recommend using this app for any angler.

They have a premium version that gives more information on some of the best areas, including specific locations and tactics if you aren’t quite getting what you need.

Fishing Points App [REVIEW]

Fishing Points App Review

Fishing Points App Logo

This app can be used by ⊗ fisherman of all shapes and sizes. ⊗ It’s the versatility that will make this app useful to all. As a seasoned fisherman I can attest to the many settings we find ourselves in.

⇒ I could find value in this app whether I am on the top of a mountain fishing for native trout or if I am out on the Atlantic fishing for flounder, this app will offer great benefits. Logging conditions and catches will benefit any type of fisherman.

I would dare say this app could present simple benefits to commercial fisherman as well.

Main Features of Fishing Points App

The Fishing Points app can be used for many things. I will tell you about the functionalities that set it apart from other apps. Where this app really shines is in its ability to log and save data. Whether you are concerning yourself with the catch or the location you can record both.

⇒ Logging your location comes with several locations. You can use a basic GPS coordinate and pin a location or you can create locations based on trotlines you may be using or even trolling a fishing hole. These are two unique functions that lend themselves to a real fisherman’s game plan.

⇒ For your trotlines you will be able to mark where your line starts and stops. When it comes to trolling you will record your boats path along the water. You can press the stop button to finish recording or the app will automatically stop recording if you stop moving.

⇒ You can also log your catches. Each catch can be logged using a specific interface. This function will capture the exact location of the fish as well as the time of day among other things. This is one of the coolest features on the app.

What I Liked The Most?

Catch Feature 

There is a lot to like about the Fishing Points app. Though logging spots via GPS is incredible and has a lot of benefits, it’s the catch feature that really made me appreciate this app. I haven’t seen anything like this before. I should also mention that the catch feature will log the location of the catch. This information is vital to what you will need the next time you visit this location.

In the menu you will press the catches selection. The catches menu will open to show all the catches that you have made since you started using the app.

From there you will add a catch and this will bring up a new screen. You can name the catch whatever you want and this can be a lot of fun. You could name your big bass the KING HOG and have a lot of fun with this.

It also allows you to add photos, select locations, add length of the fish, weight of the fish and time of day the fish was caught. In fact, the time auto populates. The best part about the catch function is your ability to add a note. This could be where you detail what method and bait you used to catch this fish. You will also include important conditions unique to that day as well.

⇒ The catch feature is far and away the best part of the Fishing Points app. That’s not to say the app is lacking in other options but it’s an awesome part of the app. You can sort your catches as well so you don’t become overwhelmed by all the fish you caught. Without this vital sorting option, you would find it nearly impossible to find a location or fish.

What I Liked The Least?

Fishing Activity Forcast

This app has an interesting way of deciding fish activity I must mention it because to me it seems nearly random. I cannot really discern what makes the app decide on a good day of fishing activity or a dreadful day. The days are also broken up between several peaks and valleys of fishing times. I cannot help but notice some very strange peaks in fishing time. They are contrary to what most fisherman believe to be true.

1. To illustrate this by example I took the 18th of October which seemed to be like a stellar day of fishing based on the apps standards. The app said that fishing activity would be very high today. This set off an alarm because at this moment it is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit outside. This is never a wonderful way to start a fishing day unless you are after some catfish I the winter.

2. After being puzzled by this situation I decided to check a day that was decidedly a much better fishing day. I moved to the 14th of October which was a beautiful day. Low 60s in the morning with a little cloud cover and gave way to a great partly cloudy warm afternoon. I was at one of the state’s top fishing locations and boaters were studding the lake. The app said that fishing activity rated a 41 and was average for these conditions.

To me it looks like this app is putting a little too much of its forecasting on tides and the solalunar conditions. This is the only explanation I can come up with for these strange Fish Activity grades and how they decided which days will be average or very high.

⇒ In the pro version you can move days ahead in the fish activity forecast and I would be very upset if I set out on a fishing trip that was deemed to be very high with activity only to find my starting temp was in the high 30’s.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 4/5

  • Splash screen is consistent with brand.
  • Splash screen engages users and communicate the essence of the brand, and doesn’t keep the user waiting.
  • App supports on-boarding, it is used to get some user’s settings data. The on-boarding is well-designed and requires minimal step to accomplish.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 4/5

  • Uses a menu drawer.
  • Only primary content and functionality is on-screen by default.
  • App purpose and the priority user journeys are clear.

Content & Design – Rating: 5/5:

  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • Return user can set alerts for items or searches.
  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 4/5

  • Content (cached) is accessible when user has no connection.
  • Primary call-to-action buttons are sticky / persistently visible.
  • On-screen content and transitions between screens appear fast and responsive.

My Final Take

♦ The Fishing Points app is a terrific addition to any fisherman’s toolkit. I must go back to the importance of your fishing diary. Knowing the conditions of a spot and your success year over year will give you the ability to duplicate that success.

This app will allow you to easily access this information for various fishing spots and revisit all your recorded catches year after year. This information can also be transferred to a hard copy journal as well.

Fish Track Fishing App [REVIEW]

Fish Track App Review

Honestly, I would recommend Fish Track ⊗ primarily for experienced deep sea fishermen.⊗ The app is directly marketed to ocean anglers, but if you don’t have knowledge of what all the features of the app mean, like chlorophyll imagery, the app presents a significant learning curve.

For this reason, I would say that if you are not heading out in your own boat, than the app probably will not serve you all that well. If you are a fresh water ∇ inland angler this app also won’t do much for you. Unless of course, you are a fan of cool satellite imagery.

Main Features of Fishing Knots App

⇒ When you first load Fish Track you are looking at an extremely zoomed out version of Google Maps Satellite view. The whole world is shown to you, which is a symbol of how Fish Track has data on popular fishing spots all over the world.

⇒ Fish Track has two ways to narrow in on your desired fishing location. The first is the good old fashioned pinch and zoom maneuver. Sliding your fingers across the screen will allow you to pinpoint the ocean you wish to relieve of its excess fish. The second is by allowing the app access to your cell phone’s location function. It will give you conditions of the closest ocean fishing to you automatically.

⇒ The data you get access to is honestly not something I ever really thought about before, but have learned is quite useful for successful fishing. You will get access to cloud-free sea surface temperature views of the map that let you know the actual temperature of the water. Fish school and feed at different temperatures, and this helps to know where temperatures are ideal to find schools of fish, and their delicious predators.

⇒ The app also has options to view current marine forecasts, tide and lunar activity, and chlorophyll bloom imagery. Putting these sets of data together is very helpful in knowing ahead of time the temperament of Mother Nature, and how it may affect your catch.

What I Liked The Most?

⇒ I live right by the ocean, and while I don’t have my own boat I found this app very intriguing. The Pacific Northwest is often plagued with chlorophyll bloom that makes visibility in the water close to zero. I am no expert fisherman, so I had to jump in and learn quite a bit to be able to understand all the features. This may seem like a negative at first glance, but having to learn more about what the features of the app meant helped me to better understand the best practices of ocean fishing.

Save Imagery

Once I understood more of what the app was showing me, I dove in to get my feet wet. One of the coolest features I found was the ability to save imagery and data offline, so I could have the info I needed without having to rely on cell reception, which can be spotty out on the blue seas.

Depth and Water Temperature

I also love that when you pull up the satellite map and pinpoint a spot in the water it tells you the approximate depth and water temperature. I was able to put this use with the marine forecast function to plan out the best time of day to hit the water. Knowing the depth and water temperature let me plan good times and areas to head out to with my fishing buddies.

The app also allows you to plan routes and set way points to get you where you want to go quickly and easily.


The forecast includes wind speed and direction, as well as how the waves impact the surface. Knowing the conditions on the way to the fishing spot is just as important as the spot itself. Add in the wave and water current direction indicators to help know where set the boat, and know which way fish may be schooling.

What I Liked The Least?

Limited Content

The first and biggest complaint I have about Fish Track is how limited the content is on the app. While I was researching the functions and usefulness of Fish Track, I jumped to their website.

The site is full of useful information that benefits novice and experienced fishermen alike. Articles on fishing techniques, photos of successful catches, and trends that are designed to help all ocean anglers get to the top of their game and stay there. I know you can’t put it all on the app, but some of it would be a nice inclusion.

Simplistic Design

The app is overly simplistic in the design. Again, may seem like a positive, but the simplicity of the app function added to the difficulty of the learning curve. I even went through the help section of the app, and still had some trouble finding my way through the functions. Fish Track is loaded with valuable information, but I feel like they make you work too hard to figure it all out. If you are an experienced deep sea fisher, you probably will figure it out much quicker than I could.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding  – Rating: 4/5

  • Splash screen is consistent with brand.
  • Splash screen engages users and communicate the essence of the brand, and doesn’t keep the user waiting. So it puts the user in control and lets him execute the next task ASAP (Sign up).

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 4/5

  • Uses a menu drawer, it displays it on first use.
  • Only primary content and functionality is on-screen by default.
  • App purpose and the priority user journeys are clear.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 3/5

  • Doesn’t provide non-signed-in journey.
  • Doesn’t request sign-up “only” when it is dependent on providing value.
  • Requests minimal data during sign-up.
  • User sign-up for the app is quick but the benefit statements are not compelling.

Content & Design – Rating: 4/5

  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience

Usability Hygiene  – Rating: 4/5

  • Content is accessible when user has no internet connection (save imagery).
  • Primary call-to-action buttons (download imagery) are persistently visible.
  • On-screen content and transitions between screens appear fast and responsive.

My Final Take

Even with the steep learning curve, ♦ I would recommend Fish Track to anyone who plans on deep sea fishing, or just casting a line in the ocean. For professionals leading tours, you can increase your chances of delivering a solid experience to your customers. For avid amateurs with your own boat, use less gas and spend more time catching fish instead of searching for them.

If you are more like me, and are sitting nearer to the beginning of your fishing career, I highly recommend spending time using the app alongside the website to get to know and understand all the features and terminology. Taking the extra time will not only help you make better use of the app, but will also make you a better fisherman all around. Being good at any hobby takes time and effort, but if you use the right tools you will find yourself progressing faster than you would otherwise.

⇒ Fish Track is built and maintained by professionals and enthusiasts who are trying to make the sport more enjoyable for everyone. Once you have a handle on the fruits of their hard work, you can upgrade to the premium service to get more accurate and up to date information. You may not have a crystal ball, but Fish Track gets you close, once you figure it all out.