Your Best Spinning Rod to Fish that Big Trout

There are few fish that are as exciting to catch as trout. They have some smarts and when you do land one they really put up a pretty good fight. It is the perfect sport for fishing purists too because you don’t use boats, fish finders or state of the art gear.

It basically comes down to you and the fish. That does not mean you don’t need a good spinning rod when trout fishing. Patience, tactics and a good spinning rod are essential to your success when you are trying to catch this species of fish.

A quick search will show that there are numberless models of spin rods. Let us narrow the selection down for you. One model that performs very well, and is very well liked by anglers, is the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod.

The St. Croix Triumph is a solid combination of length, weight, power and action. The strong premium graphite pole is strong enough to fight a stubborn trout, but remains sensitive enough to catch them trying to steal your bait.

Our Top Eight Spinning Rod for Trout Fishing in 2019

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods (TRS66MLF2)
Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 5' - Ultra Light -...
SHIMANO Sojourn 1-Piece Spin Rod
Sale Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning
Sale KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods - Fuji O-Ring...

Important Characteristics of Spinning Rods for Trout Fishing

When you looked at the table above you might have noticed some common traits between all three spinning rods.

Two of these traits are absolutely necessary in any spinning rod for trout that you are considering buying. That is the size and weight of your trout spinning rod.

Let’s take a closer look at these qualities to see why they are so important.


Most trout fishing is done in somewhat less open or confined areas like small streams and creeks. You definitely don’t want a long fishing rod when you are trying to move around in these areas. This is especially true if there are a lot of trees or vegetation along the banks.

The less length your spinning rod has the less chance it will catch on something or become entangled. A 5 to 6 foot length is perfect for your spinning rod if you are using it for trout fishing.

I like the slightly longer 6 foot rod myself. Although it is a little harder to maneuver in tight areas, it has the advantage of being a little stronger rod that still has good feel to it when you have a trout on the line.

There is no way I would trout fish with a bigger rod than this if I was fishing for trout in small streams and creeks.

Spinning Rods Weight


From personal experience I can tell you there are few fishing experiences that are as scintillating as having a trout on the end of your ultra-light spinning rod.

The only problem being is if you get overzealous you can break that pole pretty easy if it’s a good size fish you have on there. So you may want to consider stepping it up one weight class to a lightweight rod.

You will still get some good action and at the same time give yourself a little margin of error for your pole snapping too.

Spinning Rods Weight


The power of a rod is what determines how flexible the rod is, and how easily it reacts to a fish on. The power you need will depend on the type of fish you are going after.

For trout fishing, a light rod is a good starting place. The rod will be flexible enough to both react to a fish bite, and strong enough to fight the trout in without risking a break.

Spinning Rod Power


Action is the rating of the rods ability to bend, and how far back from the tip the rod will bend. Faster rods bend much closer to the tip, while slower rods will bend closer to the middle of the rod.

The action of the rod will determine how well you cast different types of bait, and how the hook sets in the fish’s mouth.

Slow action rods are good for casting baits longer distances, so would be good if you are trying to reach deeper water from the shore.

Faster action rods tend to better for trout, because the easy of the rod flexing help to identify when the trout is biting, Having a fast action will also help to hook the fish, because when it bite the rod will spring back faster after flexing.

Spinning Rod Action

Reviews of Top Model Spinning Rods for Trout Fishing

You know the basics from the chart above as to what is important to look for in a spinning rod that you will use for trout fishing. But those are not the only good features that these trout spinning rods have to offer.

Let’s take a little more in depth look at them and then you will really see why any one of these spinning rods will be a great asset on your next trout fishing excursion.

1. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review – TOP PICK

A tough, yet sensitive rod designed to nab trout

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod – image credit


+ Size: 6’6”

+ Weight: medium-light

+ Action: fast

Uses/Special feature:  amateur angler – freshwater.

We love St. Croix’s slogan, “Fish More. Worry Less.” When it comes to fishing trout, the deck is already stacked in the fish’s favor. The Triumph goes a long way to evening the odds. St. Croix designed the Triumph to be a good mix between strength and sensitivity.

With a length of 6’6” you have a rod that provides strong casting power, and helps control the pull of the fish so you exert less effort while reeling in your catch. The fast action of the rod gives it a high degree of sensitivity at the tip to more easily feel when a fish is jumping on your bait.

The medium-light weight of the Triumph is an amazing blend between flexibility and power. The give and take of the rod gives the fish just enough room to allow the hook to grab hold as the rod flexes back and pulls into the fish’s mouth.

The premium cork handles provide a comfortable grip that doesn’t punish your joints when your squeeze a little too hard during a long fight.

Don’t forget the reel –

A rod is only as good as the reel attached to it. To pair with the St. Croix Triumph, we recommend checking out the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel. This reel provides a smooth cranking action and high durability to match the dependability of your new Triumph rod.


  • Comfortable rod with great sensitivity.
  • Durable SCII graphite pole with Aluminum-oxide guides.
  • Easy to cast, even with further distances.
  • Rod performs well with different types of bait.


  • St. Croix’s warranty is tough to work with.
St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods (TRS66MLF2)
124 Reviews
St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods (TRS66MLF2)
  • Premium SCII Graphite
  • Outstanding Strength, Sensitivity, and...
  • Finely Tuned Actions and Tapers for Superior...

2. Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod Review

Strong but flexible graphite

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod – image credit


+ Size: 5’6”

+ Weight: medium heavy

+ Action: moderate fast

Uses/Special feature:  frequent fishing – freshwater.

The Fenwick Eagle Spinning rods are the culmination of over 60 years of rod building experience that has created a superior class of spinning rods. While this rod doesn’t have the light weight and fast action of some other rods, the build quality and performance of the Eagle will not leave you wanting when you cast for trout in your favorite hole.

Fenwick built the Eagle Spinning rods with B2 burled cork that has the feel of cork used in most rods, but has a much higher durability than standard cork. The result is a consistent feel to the grip of the rod you can rely on with each cast.

To maintain a lightweight feel to the rod, Fenwick built the rod out of strong but flexible graphite with guides made of stainless steel. The stainless steel material not only is lighter weight, but resists damage and corrosion build, allowing your rod to last longer, and have the same action with every catch.

A rod is only as good as its reel – 

To top off your rod package, check out the Pflueger President Spinning Reel. This spinning reel is designed with 9 stainless steel ball bearing to give a smooth feel when reeling in your catch.

The body and rotor are made from strong and durable graphite for lightweight and comfortable action.


  • Light, but still strong and durable.
  • Good tip sensitivity, even with medium weight and moderate action.
  • Good balance and feel while casting, and reeling in.


  • Joint where two pieces join can come apart easily.
Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods
129 Reviews
Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods
  • B2 Burled Cork Designs Provides The Feel Of...
  • Stainless Steel Guides With Stainless Steel...
  • Classic Fenwick Actions- Time Tested And Proven...

3. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Review

High performance at a very affordable price

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod - image credit Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod – image credit


+ Size: 5-feet

+ Weight: ultra-light

+ Action: fast

Uses/Special feature:  comfort grip – budget rod

Almost any angler out there has stories about epic showdowns with their favorite Ugly Stick. The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is the perfect companion to create a lifetime of fishing stories.

The first thing you need to know about the Ugly Stik Elite is that it requires so little effort to wield into glorious river combat. We don’t go fishing for the exercise, after all. Well, most of the time.

The ultra-light rod has a length of just five feet which falls right into our criteria for the ideal spin rod length for trout fishing. The light weight of the rod makes the Ugly Stik super sensitive to fish tugging on the line, which means that you will feel even the sneakiest of fish trying to steal your bait. The graphite composite body of the rod is what provides its lightweight and power.

Shakespeare specifically focused on durability when designing the Ugly Stik Elite with the Clear Tip, so that users would have a reliable rod for years. Grabbing the Elite will mean you will only need to purchase one rod for your trout battles, and rely on it year after year.

The cork handle is elegantly designed for comfort and ease while in a fight with a stubborn trout. The end cap is firm, yet soft, so that you can anchor it against your body while wrestling you catch to shore.

The one piece stainless steel line guides are not only strong, but smooth to give you a great cast every time, and their light weight contributes to enhanced vibration sensitivity. Better sensitivity means you can feel the fish better with the rod in your hands.

Attaching your favorite reel to the Ugly Stik Elite is simple and dependable thanks to the blank style reel seats that include cushioned stainless steel hoods. The tapered top grip allows for a higher variation of reels, giving you the utmost in customization options.

Even though this spin rod would fall into the budget category of rods, you definitely are not going to be short on quality. The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod offers high performance at a very affordable price.

Add a little line to your rod – 

Pairing your Ugly Stik with the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line will give you more consistent casting, more natural lure swimming action, and a zero stretch to make it just a little bit easier to land that hook in the fish’s mouth.


  • High Quality and durable.
  • Easy to use for beginners and experienced anglers.
  • Good action.
  • Very good casting.


  • Not good for large fish, but comes in higher weights for larger species.
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 5' - Ultra Light -...
408 Reviews
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 5' - Ultra Light -...
  • Line Rating - 8-17 pounds
  • Ugly Tech Construction with added graphite for...
  • Ugly Tuff one piece stainless steel guides provide...

4. Shimano Sojourn 1-Piece Review

Flexible and lightweight

+ Size: 6’6”

+ Weight: medium

+ Action: fast

Uses/Special feature: rod for trout and crappie.



This is not a great spinning rod for going after fish that are bigger than trout but it works great for trout and crappie. Any angler will love the way it feels if you manage to set your hook in a trout when using it. You will feel every bit of the fight and love it.

The little extra weight it has will tend to keep it from snapping like some ultra-light rods will do. Even though this rod is a little heavier than an ultra-light class spinning rod, it still has a really sensitive tip which is a requirement when trout fishing.

This Shimano spinning rod gets its great feel thanks to the flexible and lightweight graphite composite material that goes into making it. The guides are low profile which helps to avoid snagging and also helps you cast more accurately too. The guides are aluminum oxide so they will hold up for a long time without corroding.

It’s obvious that Shimano put a lot of thought in the design of this very affordable fishing rod.

Reel in a complete package – 

The Shimano Sienna FE Spinning Reel is a dyna-balanced spinning reel designed to create a compact reel with reduced vibration and increased sensitivity. This reel pair nicely with the Sojourn whether fighting trout, or for a bigger game in in-shore waters.


  • Excellent weight and feel.
  • Strong for its size.
  • Ideal shorter length for trout fishing.


  • Dual grip is not for everyone.
  • Can get a little heavy after a long wade.
SHIMANO Sojourn 1-Piece Spin Rod
35 Reviews
SHIMANO Sojourn 1-Piece Spin Rod
  • Length: 6'6"
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast

5. G Loomis Trout Panfish SR6010 IMX Review

Strength with lightweight

G Loomis Trout Panfish SR6010 IMX G Loomis Trout Panfish SR6010 IMX – image credit


+ Size: 5-feet

+ Weight: ultra-light

+ Action: moderate

Uses/Special feature:  trout – confined freshwater.

If you are looking for the perfect trout spinning rod that combines strength with lightweight feel, then this very well could be the trout fishing rod of choice for you. It is a professional trout fishing rod in every aspect of its construction.

A 5 foot rod is the absolute perfect size for trout fishing in confined areas. It is a great rod that has tremendous feel to it also once you set the hook in the mouth of any medium to small sized freshwater fish. Those who have tried this rod often describe the feel of it as being very ‘soft’ and ‘sensitive’ which is ideal for trout fishing.

This 1-piece spinning rod is really lightweight too. You will barely notice its weight even if you have a long walk or wade to your favorite trout fishing hole. That means you will not get arm fatigue as fast as you would with a heavier rod. This G Loomis rod is also surprisingly strong for its weight too.

Among its other fine features are its Fuji reel seat, a moderately light taper and a dual cork handle. This rod even looks great with its sleek black metallic finish. It’s a terrific all-around light duty fishing rod that you can use in a variety of different ways when fishing.

Get your fish on line – 

The G Loomis Trout Panfish is a great companion to the Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line. This line is is a near-zero stretch Mircoline designed for high sensitivity, especially when going of trout.


  • Ultra-light feel.
  • Professional quality from top to bottom.
  • Ideal compact size for trout fishing.


  • Dual grip is not for everyone.
  • Only serious anglers should consider purchasing this rod.

6. Berkeley Trout Dough Series Review

Extremely lightweight

Berkeley Trout Dough Series Rod Berkeley Trout Dough Series Rod – image credit


+ Size: 4’6”

+ Weight: light

+ Action: fast

Uses/Special feature:  great with baits and spinners.

This is a nice spinning rod that will show a lot of action on it when you have a trout on the end of the line. It is a really nice design that is tailor made for trout fishing. Berkley actually designed this to be used with their very popular dough baits but it will work well with a variety of different baits and spinners.

It is an extremely lightweight spinning rod. That translates to a fishing rod that will have a very soft feel when you have a fish on the end of it. It also makes it very sensitive so you will be able to feel the strike easily when a trout hits your spinner.

This Berkley rod is very well-constructed for the affordable price you pay for it too. It is made from sturdy fiberglass blanks to help give it strength. Among its other features are a lightweight cork handle and six corrosion resistant stainless steel guides.

Hard to make a catch without a reel – 

Complete your fishing package with a Daiwa BG spinning Reel for light and quick real action to compliment you new Berkeley Trout rod. Pick up the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line to make the system complete, and start bringing home the trout.


  • Superior ultra-light feel.
  • Medium to fast rod taper.
  • Ideal compact size for trout fishing.


  • Single grip may bother some.
  • It breaks easily if you try to manhandle your fish.
Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning
2 Reviews
Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning
  • This spinning fishing rod is designed to provide...
  • Spinning fishing rod is specifically engineered...
  • Uni-directional fiberglass blanks deliver the...

7. KastKing Perigee II Review

Power to wear down the trout as you reel it in

+ Size: 6’7”

+ Weight: medium-light

+ Action: Fast

Uses/Special feature:  high flexibility – fresh or saltwater.

What caught my attention about the KastKing Perigree II fishing rods was the dual function. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for equipment that can serve multiple purposes. The KastKing comes with two tips that can make the Perigree II either a baitcasting rod, or a spinning rod.

As a spinning rod, the KastKing offers a rod black made from carbon fiber that provides flexibility and strength, while being environmentally friendly. The grips are made of high-density EVA foam for a comfortable grip.

I also like the Saf-T-Keeper hook holder that is meant to help keep you from accidentally hooking your fishing buddy, or a tree, not that that has ever happened to me.

KastKing built the Perigree II to give flexibility throughout the length of the rod, as well as power to wear down the trout as you reel it in. Fuji O-ring line guides help to keep your line exactly where you want it the entire time you are fighting that fish.

The features of this rod help to form a rod that works with you, instead of against you with every cast and every reel.

Add a line a reel – 

KastKing has a complete line of fishing tools to help you create a high-performing rod. The KastKing Sharky III 2018 Spinning Reel is made of a carbon fiber body to maximize strength while reducing weight. Paired with the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line that offers superior sensitivity and zero stretch, and you have yourself a lightweight, strong, and sensitive trout nabbing package.


  • Good combination of strength and lightweight feel.
  • Even with changeable tip, feels like a one-piece rod.
  • Smooth casting and fast action.
  • Lifetime warranty on tip and rod body


  • Reel seat is a little loose.
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods - Fuji O-Ring...
311 Reviews
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods - Fuji O-Ring...
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL - KastKing uses the best...
  • TWO FISHING RODS for the price of one! KastKing...

8. Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod Review

Strong rod with powerful and accurate casting ability

Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod image credit


+ Size: 6’6”

+ Weight: medium-light

+ Action: Fast

Uses/Special feature:  budget rod – fresh or saltwater.

The Hurricane Calico Jack spinning rod is another rod that is a good multi-species rod that is made of durable materials that can survive use in fresh or saltwater.

The rod blank is made from IM7 graphite, which is the industry standard measurement that basically says that this rod is lightweight enough to handle easily, but has the stiffness you need to have a strong rod with powerful and accurate casting ability.

The Calico Jack uses Fuji line guides for consistent and durable line performance when both casting, and reeling in your prize trout. The combination of ultra-light graphite and quality line guides give this rod high sensitivity with fast action.

When paired with a quality reel and a strong braided line, you can get a package that increases your chances of setting the hook. It is still up to you to find the fish, and coerce them to go after your bait.

Here’s that rod and reel you wanted – 

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line is a strong braided line constructed with spectra fiber to provide outstanding abrasion resistance while retaining high sensitivity. Pair the line with the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel full-metal body to have a combo that is determined to catch the best trout.


  • Great power to weight balance.
  • Feels comfortable with great sensitivity.
  • Performs like a rod with a much higher price.


  • Cork grips aren’t as tough and comfortable as similar rods.
Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod
60 Reviews
Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod
  • IM7 Graphite rod blank.
  • Fuji Guides
  • Genuine cork handle

Right Spinning Rod Can Make for a Great Trout Fishing Experience

Fishing for trout is easily some of the most fun you will have with a rod in your hands. Few fresh water fish have the energy and strength to put up the battle a trout can. Plus, they cook up deliciously making a battle win that much more satisfying.

As with any sport, quality equipment makes all the difference to your enjoyment. A rod that is the proper weight and length will make all the difference in whether you head home a victor, or just tired and hungry. Be sure to look for a rod that is between five and six feet long.

For your general trout fishing, you want to go with an ultralight model. Or if you want to include some larger fish in your day, go for a light-weight model.

All of the rods we have presented to you are a great option to maximize your enjoyment, but without a doubt the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod deserves your attention. This rod’s combination of strength, durability, and sensitivity to a fish on will give you a distinct advantage over the tricky trout.

The St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod comes in a variety of lengths and weights to suit your needs. No one rod is good for every style of fishing, but the St. Croix Triumph is a great rod for trout that has features that will forgive the average fisherman a few mistakes.

Check it out today, so you can be ready to fish before the weekend hits.

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