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5 Best Rubber Hunting Boots For [COLD WEATHER]

Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot
Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot - image credit bogsfootwear.com

Top Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots for Colder Weather

Do you do a lot of hunting in cold and wet weather? If you do then you know how important it is to own the best rubber hunting boots for cold weather.

Years ago when you wanted to go hunting when it was wet and cold there were not a lot of hunting boots designed for that type of weather. You could wear rubber boots to keep the wetness out but your feet would get cold or you could wear insulated boots that didn’t always keep the wetness out. Fortunately that is no longer the case as today’s cold and wet weather hunting boots can keep both the wetness and cold out.

We have done the research for you to find the best insulated rubber boots, and selected a few that we found to be tough as nails, but as comfortable as a down comforter.

In particular, we like the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1600G Hunting Boot. What set this boot apart was the supreme level of comfort, insulation, and the multilayer rubber that makes the body of the boot 100% waterproof. While this boot is the best, we have given you a couple other top choices so you get a good comparison of the performance of cold weather hunting boots.

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Our Top Five Rubber Hunting Boots for Colder Weather in 2018

Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G...
Sale MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain...
Sale Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
Sale Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot

Important Characteristics of Rubber Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

Of course, there are many features that different models of cold weather rubber hunting boots have. It can make it tough to pick out a pair that is perfect for you. You definitely need your cold weather rubber hunting boots to be well-insulated and waterproof but you “MUST” also highly consider the following important characteristics as well:

#1 Height 

There is nothing that will make a hunting day more miserable than if you get your feet wet at some point during the day. Wet feet just seem to take away from the whole hunting experience. To help prevent your feet getting wet we cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting hunting boots that have adequate height and seal well around the cuff.

Of course, rubber hunting boots do not let water through them so the only way it can get in is if it comes over the cuff of your hunting boots. That is why you need to get hunting boots that are at least 15 inches high when you plan on hunting when it’s cold outside.

#2 Material

There are certain materials that boots are made out of that are lighter than others. Look for boots that are made out of durable yet lighter weight materials such as ‘Thinsulate’ insulation, lightweight rubber/neoprene compounds and have zippers and buckles that are made out of lighter weight materials too.

WaterProof LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 1000G
LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 1000G in – image credit lacrossefootwear.com

#2 Weight

Just because the hunting boots you are wearing are well insulated does not mean they have to feel like you are wearing rocks on your feet. There is nothing that will tire you out faster on a hunt than if your boots are really heavy. This is especially true if you will be walking in mud or snow at some time during your hunt.

#3 Scent-Hiding Ability

Rubber boots hide your scent and odor really well – this is a great advantage while you are on the hunt. Hunters (especially bow hunters) do not want any scent to give away their locations: there are animals that can pick up your scents from a far distance.

Reviews of Best Rubber Hunting Boots for Cold Weather


1. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1600G Hunting Shoes –  Best Overall Pick 

Best overall pick for hunting boots

LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18 1000G Hunting Shoes
LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 1600G Hunting Shoes – image credit lacrossefootwear.com

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LaCrosse is known as an innovator when it comes to hunting boot construction, and these cold weather rubber hunting boots are certainly proof of that. They will help increase your cold weather hunting pleasure because your feet will stay warm, dry and comfortable even under the coldest and wettest hunting conditions.

LaCrosse was the first boot maker to mass produce rubber boots using the popular rubber-over-neoprene outer boot construction that is found on most of the major models of cold weather hunting boots that are sold today. This outer boot material helps keep the water out, yet stays flexible and snug at the same time.

The internal neoprene acts as a soft and effective insulator, using your own natural body hear to keep you warm while staving off the cold.

Right up against your feet is an embossed lining designed to increase air circulation inside the boot. By creating more circulation, and wicking away moisture, these boots create an even temperature inside the boot so you don’t too hot or too cold while out hunting. Even if the weather changes, your feet will stay comfortable the whole time.

The 18” inch boot height gives you plenty of boot to tuck your pants into. The adjustable strap on the back of the boot is great to adjust how snug the boot are on your calf, and around your pants. These features not only make the boot more comfortable, but make them more versatile. The adjustment means you can wear different thicknesses of socks and pants depending on the weather conditions, without having to sacrifice a comfortable fit. Nobody like a floppy boot while trudging through the underbrush.

This boot also features a premium-rubber outsole construction that retains its feel no matter how cold or how hot the hunting conditions are when you are out hunting. That means these boots will give you the best possible traction you can get in all types of weather conditions. The molded tread pattern lets you keep quick feet while plowing through snow, sticky mud, or slippery foliage.

The entire boot is built to stand against the rigors and abuse of a hunting trip. The sole is insulated with three layers of rubber in the toe and heel to reinforce these high stress points. You will be able to use these boots for many hunting trips to come without fear of the sole giving out on you while stalking that 12-point buck.

Not only is this boot made out of 100% waterproof materials but it is also great for hunting animals with a keen sense of smell. The materials that are used in its construction are completely scent free. The two color patterns available will help you find a boot that best matches your other camouflage, and the terrain of your favorite hunting ground.

The only thing we found we didn’t like with this boot set was that it doesn’t come in half sizes. This means that you either have to get a boot that is too long, or too short if you have feet that fall between the standard sizes. By not having half sizes the boot becomes more versatile for wearing different thicknesses of socks for warming or colder weather.

We recommend going for the larger size and wearing thicker socks. This will help you keep additional support and comfort for feet, while avoiding foot cramping from a boot that is too small.


  • 16” boot height is great for mud, snow and going across streams.
  • Rubber-over-neoprene construction.
  • Thinsulate Ultra insulation.
  • Cushioned footbed for comfort and fit.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Scent free materials.


  • Fit a little loose on some users.
  • Do not come in ½ sizes.


Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G...
279 Reviews
Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G...
  • Hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene...
  • Embossed liner increases air circulation inside...
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset for...


2. MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot –

Comfortable and well-supported rubber boot

MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot – image credit muckbootcompany.com

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These are one of the most popular cold weather rubber hunting boots for a reason and that’s because they will keep you super warm and dry when you are out in the field looking to take down your favorite game in the winter. They are one well-designed cold weather hunting boot.

Muck boots are among the most comfortable and well-supported rubber boots you will ever hunt in. They feature a stretch to fit top that can be rolled down if you choose. Also built into them is a molded boot that fits you comfortable and provides the extra support you need to go across tough terrain.

This pair of Muck Boots will protect your feet nicely during cold weather hunts from -20 to 50 degrees. They feature 5 mm thick flex foam insulation for warmth and the ‘Airmesh’ liner in them helps keep your feet dry and comfortable too. Their 16 ½” in boot height is great for traversing through small streams and walking through mud and snow too.

There were a few concerns we had with these great boots too. Make sure you follow Muck Boots sizing chart because your normal size may end up getting you a pair that is too big. These keep you warm and dry by being a little snug around the shins and ankles which some people claim it takes a little getting used to.


  • Nice 16 ½” boot height.
  • Rubber-over-neoprene construction.
  • 5 mm flex foam insulation.
  • Molded outsole for support.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Stay dry ‘Airmesh’ lining.


  • Snug around the calves.
  • Some claim they run big.


MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
483 Reviews
MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
  • Pull-on hunting boot featuring waterproof shaft...
  • Molded outsole
  • Double reinforcements at instep, heel, and...

3. Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot – 

High-quality pair of rubber hunting

Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot
Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot – image credit bogsfootwear.com

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Here is a great pair of cold weather rubber hunting boots from Bogs. It is a company that is well-known for producing high-quality hunting wear. This fine pair of rubber boots from them is perfect for use on any cool or cold hunting day.

These are one sturdy pair of hunting boots. They feature an all rubber sole for superior traction in all types of weather and a rubber and textile shell that resists abrasions and will help these boots last.

Bogs Men’s Bowman Boots are a great cold weather hunting boot thanks to their 100% waterproof construction and their 6 mm thick Neoprene insulation. They also feature a dry wicking inner liner for even more comfort as you hunt.

These boots have special technology applied to them that helps eliminate any traces of scent left behind by the manufacturing process. They even have a grip built into the top of them so even though they fit snug they can still be easily put on.

Although these are a high-quality pair of rubber hunting boots we still had a few concerns with them. For one they will have to be worn a few times before you get that broken in feel. They are also not a good all-season boot because your feet will get very hot on warm weather hunts when you are wearing them.


  • Moisture wicking inner boot liner.
  • 14 1/2” boot height.
  • Rubber/Textile construction.
  • 6 mm Neoprene insulation.
  • True rubber sole.
  • 100% waterproof/Scent Combat biotechnology.


  • Not comfortable for warm weather hunts.
  • They require a small break in period.


Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot
151 Reviews
Bogs Men's Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot
  • Waterproof hunting boot featuring 6mm neoprene...
  • Bogs
  • 8 M US Men

4. Bogs Men’s Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot – 

Bring comfort and reliability 

Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot
Bogs Men’s Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot image credit bogsfootwear.com –

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Bogs Classic boots were originally designed to bring comfort and reliability to farmers who spend all day outside in adverse weather. If these boots can stand up to the hard life of farming in harsh winters and warm summers, you know you have a boot that can survive several hunting trips.

The Bog’s Classic boot features a rubber over neoprene design that is rated to -40 degrees. This boot obviously has no fear of the cold weather. The rubber outer layer makes the boot 100%water proof, so you won’t have any seeping or creeping water seeking out your cozy toes.

The sole of the boot is made from thick molded rubber to create a slip resistant surface to give you sure footing while trekking through the thickest forests and slimiest bogs. The 12” height of the boot allows you to venture through some deep stuff, and survive unexpected puddles without getting a soaked foot.

The inner sole is made using Durafresh technology that helps to eliminate foot odors that can make the end of your hunt a miserable exercise in nose torture. Along the inside of the boot is layered four stretch neoprene that moves with your leg as you walk, and makes it easier to put on the boot and take them off. The neoprene also provides the warming insulation you need for those particularly cold hunts.

The top of the boot has built in handles that make putting the boots on quite a bit easier. The boots are flexible enough for walking, but don’t stretch to match the shape of a foot as it’s entering the boot. Having the handles makes putting them on much faster, and gives the torque needed to quickly slip the boot on.

Getting the boots off is a little trickier, though. The boot doesn’t flex enough to easily slide the boot off. This is good because it keeps the boot from accidently sliding off, but when you want to purposely take them off it takes a little bit of effort.

The top of the boot is high enough and wide enough to slide your pants into easily to keep your shins and legs warm and dry as well. The boots are still snug enough that you can wear thinner pants in warmer, dryer weather.


  • Completely water proof rubber.
  • Textured anti-slip sole.
  • Molded handles make boot easy to put on.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Boots run a little wide.
  • Don’t have good ankle support.


Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain...
19 Reviews
Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain...
  • 100% waterproof winter rain and snow boot
  • Durable hand-lasted rubber over a four-way stretch...
  • Lined with Bogs Max-Wick to keep feet dry

5. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot – 

Strong and long lasting materials

Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot-image credit kohls.com

CHECK on Amazon.com

If you have hunted long enough you will have realized by now that cold weather rubber hunting boots can get very expensive if you want a good pair. Well Kamik has come up with an exception to that rule with this model cold weather hunting boot. They are affordable and yet will still keep your feet warm and dry even under the coldest conditions.

This synthetic/rubber constructed boot has a lot of good features considering its low price. It’s made of strong and long lasting materials that offer both good support and adequate traction as you are on the hunt chasing after your favorite game.

These cold weather rubber hunting boots from Kamik are rated for use up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The nice 8 mm Thermalite insulation in them is what really helps your feet stay warm even on the coldest hunting days. They are 100% waterproof and also have a snow collar to help your feet stay warm and dry when on the hunt too.

There were two things that concerned us with this boots. One is if you hunt often under extremely wet conditions you may want to go with a hunting boot model that is higher than this boots 13-inch height. These run a little small too so you definitely want to go up a half size if you like wearing thick socks with your hunting boots in colder weather.


  • Affordable quality.
  • Ample 13” boot height.
  • Rubber/Synthetic construction.
  • 8 mm Thermalite insulation.
  • Adjustable snow collar.
  • 100% waterproof/- 40 degree rated.


  • The height on these is slightly shorter than what some prefer.
  • Run about a ½ size small.


Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
963 Reviews
Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
  • Waterproof knee-high boot with -40-degree...
  • Kamik
  • _DELETE_


Our Final Thoughts on Cold Weather Rubber Hunting Boots

Our top pick, the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1600G Hunting Shoes, is the best overall pick for hunting boots. The combination of comfort, warmth, and durability make these boots second to none for casual and avid hunters alike.

The triple layer reinforcement in the soles make the boot tough enough for any hunt, while the inner neoprene lining keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature in warm or hot weather. Add in the adjustable calf strap that allows the boot to adapt to different leg sizes and pant thicknesses.

The 18” overall height allows you to wade through thick snow and wetlands while keeping all the cold and wetness away from your feet.

Having the wrong pair of rubber hunting boots on when you are hunting in colder weather can really take away from the experience. There is nothing worse than cold, wet feet when you are out and about on a hunt for a day. Once your feet get cold and damp you can pretty much expect your hunting day to get significantly shortened.

That is why having the best rubber hunting boots for cold weather is so important. Make sure the rubber boots that you purchase to go hunting in cold weather with meet the following criteria to ensure your comfort while wearing them:

  • They are 100% waterproof.
  • They are well insulated.
  • The fit is not too snug or too loose.
  • They offer support and traction when walking across uneven terrain.
  • They are built tough.
  • The weight of them is not too heavy.
  • They are high enough so you can go through snow and cross small streams.

If you keep these things in mind you should have no problem finding the perfect rubber boots for your cold weather hunting needs.



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