Camping Accessories That Can Save You From Being Eaten Up In The Wild

Did you know on an average a human body can survive up to 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water? What if one day you find yourself completely marooned by the wilderness of the forest? Are you capable of surviving? Do you have all the necessary tools to combat the wild?

Well, Check out these 9 camping accessories that can save you from being eaten up in the wild:

1. Survival Folding Knife

You must have the heard the famous saying “Survival of the fittest” Well, it is absolutely true! Surviving in the wild is only possible if you have the right tools and accessories to back it up. A pocket size survival folding knife can be used for everything from skinning an animal to tearing apart a big log of wood. If you find yourself stuck in the wilderness of the forest, back yourself up with a sharp survival folding knife. You can look out for a trusted manufacturer like Perkin Knives, for their uniquely handcrafted and precisely designed knives and daggers available exclusively for camping, hunting and bushcraft activities.

Stone Knife Sharpener

2. Map and Compass

If you are completely relying on a phone GPS when you are stuck in a survival situation, you are certainly doing it wrong. Make sure you carry a map and a compass to help you navigate back to a safe place.

It is mostly advised to carry a topographic map along with a roadmap with yourself when planning an adventurous outdoor activity. If you think you can read a topographic map just by looking at it, you are wrong. You need to be trained and develop your expertise over time with the help of training courses and lessons, specially designed for amateurs looking out for adventurous activities.


3. Self Aid Kit

You are just not going to find a luxurious hospital with an experienced doctor in the middle of a forest, and therefore, it is necessary for you to carry a self-aid kit. The wild shrubs and growing weed in the forest are all waiting for you to get scratched into their wilderness and hence you need to be self-sufficient.

Were you dodging a predator? Running away from a bear? Stuck in an animal trap? Well, these are some of the most common threats that you are going to face when you are stuck in the wild. Here is a list of some of the essential items that you need to include in your self-aid kit- bandages, chapsticks, tape.

— What all necessary item to include in your self aid kit when camping ?

  1. Insect repellant.

  2. Aspirin.

  3. Sun lotion.

  4. Cotton balls.

  5. Thermometer.

  6. Hydrogen peroxide.

  7. Bandages.

First Aid Kit

4. Insect Repellant

Forest ants and insects are a significant threat when you are out into the forest. Imagine a pound of insects stuck on your foot, decreasing your chances of survival in the wild. It’s mostly advised to carry an insect repellant that will help you combat the spread of bacterial and parasitic disease. Just in case you have some ayurvedic knowledge, you can try making the best use of the leaves and flowers.

5. Water Filtration System

On an average the human body is made up of 60% water and maintaining this water level is crucial in order to survive harsh conditions. In a survival situation, when you are lost into the wilderness of the wood, starving for clean drinking water, it is advised to carry a portable water filtration system, specially designed for campers. Look out for a piece of cloth, a piece of bamboo or a polybag, and make your own water filter.  

6. Multi-functional Tools

The big confusion of carrying a knife or a multi-functional tool has always troubled a lot of campers. When asked about their experience in the wild, most of the campers have always advised carrying a multi-functional tool, which has everything, an inbuilt scissor, cap opener, spoon, knife etc. Multi-functional tools are incredibly convenient and easy to carry as it combines several tools in one.

multi tool

7. Survival Gear

Depending on the type of camping activity you are carrying out, your survival gear will differ. If you are stuck in an Amazon rainforest, you would probably need a rain gear backed up with all the necessary accessories and tools to combat water. It is mostly advised to use rubberised, PVC rain gear that has helped people survive the toughest of the situations.

— What all should your survival kit have?

  1. A Swedish fire knife.

  2. Whistle.

  3. Food.

  4. Signal equipment.

  5. Matchsticks.

  6. Medicines.

  7. Lantern.

  8. Camping lights.

Although different types of survival kits are required for different kinds of adventurous activities, listed above are some of the commonly used tools and accessories included in a survival kit.

8. Serrated, Standard or Combo Blades

Well carrying a knife is not enough when you are planning any camping activity, you need to back yourself up with different types of blades. Most of the campers use full tang camping knives that are uniquely crafted and designed to perfection. If you are carrying a standard blade, it will be easier for you to split wood and other tough tasks when you are stuck in a survival condition.

You should even carry a serrated blade, which has cut out notches over the entire length of the blade, ideal for slicing vegetables and fruits, just in case you find an edible fruit or vegetable in the wild. You can also look out for a combo knife blade with serrations at the extreme bottom side of the blade, which prove to be of the best use, over serrated and standard blades.

9. Signalling Equipment and Fire Starter

Early people knew how to light a fire with rocks but starting a fire, with the rocks, in the wilderness today is a difficult task, and therefore, back yourself with a fire starter kit and keep it in a dry place inside your bag. Do not just rely on an automatic starter kit, carry matchboxes, lighter and some strikers too. If you know how to start a fire in the forest, when you are stuck, you are already a lot closer to getting help. Surviving in the wild is not only dodging the predators but also combating high variations in temperature.  

— Types of signalling equipment that can be used for asking help when you are stuck in the wilderness of the forest :

  1. Fire Starter.

  2. Torch.

  3. Signalling mirror.

  4. Signal panels.

  5. Signal flare.

  6. Pen flare.

  7. High quality flashlight.

To Sum it Up,

These are some of the most important and essential items that must be backed up whenever you are going out for any adventurous outdoor activities, especially camping. The world is too big to give any heed to a single soul ,and therefore, it is just you who can fight for yourself and combat that wilderness.

Make sure you know all the outs and abouts of camping- the risks, threats and other major issues faced by the fellow campers. It is always advised to back yourself up with all the necessary survival tools that will surely help you beat the wild.


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