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The Fishing Knot app is a small app that will find a perfect home ⊗ on the phone of fisherman all over ⊗. It doesn’t really matter if they enjoy catching mountain trout or sailfish off the continental shelf. This app has knots for fisherman of all walks of life.

I would also imagine that this app would do well for the average survivor or camping enthusiast. Whether you are pitching a tent, building a shelter or working on some other campsite project these knots would help. Most of them tie in paracord just as well as they do in monofilament.

Main Features of Fishing Knots App

The Fishing Knots app is a no fuss directory of 30 knots. There is not a lot to the app and for what it’s worth that might be a good thing. When you are managing an app that features distinct types of knots it should be simple.

⇒ The menu scrolls up and down with graphics of each knot. In the menu the scrolled graphics were of finished knots only. Some of the knots are affixed to graphic representations of baits. For example: There is a graphic representation of the Rapala knot and the line is tied to a small color picture of a Rapala fishing lure.

⇒ When you click each knot, you are presented with a two or three picture representation of how to tie that knot. The more complicated the knot the more steps there are. Each collection of pictures also features written directions for creating the knot as well.

⇒ Beyond that there is not much to the app. You have an option to pay for the app and remove ads. The ads are not very intrusive and appear at the bottom of the app. The Fishing Knots app is simple and to the point. All that you need if you are just looking to grow our repertoire of knots.

What I Liked The Most?


When you are on the water and you are fumbling around with baits and lines your phone is often tucked away. Most fisherman have at least one concrete example of how water and smart phones don’t mix.

If you do happen to refer to your phone you want it to be brief and quick. Most times it’s for a picture of the setting or a big fish you caught. What I liked most about Fishing Knots is that it is a quick and easy glance to find what you are looking for. When you are dealing with an app like this you must applaud its simplicity.

Login Not Required

There is no start menu and there is no login. This app opens right up to the goods. You are dealing with 30 knots, so the scrolling is simple, and it doesn’t take long to find what you are looking for. I imagine myself on the water. I prefer wading and stalking fish. In an environment like that this app could be opened, instructions reviewed and placed back in my pocket with one hand. There is no need for a type search or anything like that.

⇒ Whether you are looking to execute something as simple as the Bimini twist knot or just a simple clinch knot, it’s all at your fingertips with this app. In a world of fancy graphics, animations and eye-catching photography there is something nice about this app. It feels almost like a tool. You wouldn’t expect something catch from your fishing net. It does its job and that is all you expect.

What I Liked The Least?

Not Enough Directions

For the more complicated knots in this app you are left with only a few pictures and few lines of directions. I have worked with other knot tying apps and for more complicated versions of knots there were videos and more instruction. For a fisherman like me I can figure my way around most any type of knot. I have been tying them for 20 years. What concerns me about this app is the person who is new to fishing.

Knot tying is not that complicated, but you will find yourself putting it off if learning how to fish is the number one priority. This means an app that  could be making those knots irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I would like to see some video links or a little more information when it comes to tying knots with more than four steps that are particularly complicated.

My advice to the creator would not be to spend money on a fancy interface or new graphics but to focus on offering more direction and instruction on these knots.

No Suggested Use

What I would also love to see would be a suggested use for many of these knots. That could be a major help. A blood knot is a very important knot for fisherman to know unless they don’t know why they need to know it. Then you have something like a nail knot and I cannot say with full confidence that I even know what to use that knot for.

⇒ The app is simple, and I like that about it, but I would like to see the emphasis on users’ success. Bringing the knots to the attention of the user is one thing but another big goal should be to assure the user is successful in creating and using those knots.

My Final Take

With the Fishing Knots app, we have a very simple collection of knots that I would call more of a tool than an app. There is just not a lot going on outside of knots on this app and I don’t think that’s a terrible thing! If you are looking for a quick access, easy to navigate knot resource on your person this app beats a book any day.

Aside from a few tweaks I think ♦ the average fisherman would benefit from having this app on their phone. It takes up no space at all and is a simple resource. When you need the right knot, you want to have it and the best place to have it is in your pocket.

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