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While and app like will certainly find favor ⊗ amongst hunters and fisherman ⊗ there are many other groups that will find it useful as well.

⇒ For the outdoorsman, you are getting the convenience of data in one spot and that is great.

⇒ I could also see people like day boaters finding great use in this app as it features tides and places.

⇒ The hiker and adventurer would also get great use out of this app because of its ability to forecast your hike or camping excursion as well as offer you some GPS functionality to help get around and mark some of your favorite features along the way.

Main Features of Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time App

⇒ The highlighted feature of the Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time app is that it offers you a Day Rating. This Day Rating is based on all the various conditions of the day weather seems to play a very large part in all of this as well as the lunar cycle.

The day rating is not merely a moderate up and down model based on cycles. Instead, you will see stark declines in the quality of fishing and hunting on certain days. The app is always calculating.

⇒ The main interface of the app also features Major and Minor times. These offer you a break up of that day. The Major time highlights when peak activity will occur and the Minor time offers up a section of the day that will likely be the least productive.

There are two times for each distinction one in the am and one in the pm. This menu allows you to drill down into various features that make up the main interface. Here you will find options for:

Forecast – Calendar – Tides – Places – Weather – Settings

⇒ The calendar allows you to look at past days and future days if you have pro. The location feature allows you to pinpoint spots on your phones google maps and saves them under whichever title you’d like. You can find that great spot over and over again. Tides, weather and forecast are pretty self-explanatory and work well.

What I Liked The Most?


Without a doubt, this app is all about convenience. What I liked most about the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app was that it pulled all sorts of interesting data together in one place for me. Now, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with their forecast of the day I still had the weather, lunar pattern, tides and the best times of the day.

Weather forecast

The weather forecast is a deep dive that offers much more than just temp. You get a 5-day forecast, humidity, wind speed and direction, precip chance and even barometric pressure. It is the inclusion of systems like this that make this app so convenient.

Locations Log

Add to that the ability to log several locations into the app and you have something that can dictate exactly what you want to do with your day. At the head of the article, I mentioned how precious our time was. Nothing has changed. There has to be a degree of certainty when it comes to taking a day and devoting our time to it.

When you have the ability to overview the conditions of several locations in a matter of minutes it also allows you to consider multiple types of outdoor excursions. Are you looking to get after crappies on a pond or maybe because of the conditions you go trolling for big cats in the river? With this level of convenience, you can also establish what another location might be fishing like if you decide to change spots.

What would take several apps or websites to pull off I can do in just one look at the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app. It travels with me and I don’t have to worry about being tethered to the data of one fishing spot.

What I Liked The Least?

Unfortunately, this app is pushing its users to buy the pro edition of the app. I am always fascinated at what method application developers use to push users to buy the full app.

For this application, the tactic is to allow you only to see one day into the future. If you get the free app and plan to look out a few days to plan a trip you will be, sadly, let down. To see this app, operate at full power you will need to spend some money.

I should mention that the cost of going pro is only $2.99, so you are not breaking the bank to do this. Still, I would like to see what the forecasts of the future look like. I am interested to see how they calculate less reliable forecasted weather that is maybe 5 days out.

For the weekender, these are very important things. Again, its about dedication of time. If this app is utilizing weather forecast as part of their equation what do those far out dates look like and how reliable are they?

This question cannot be answered unless you pay the $2.99. Now for some that might be a reasonable risk but for others, it will not be. It will cost the app some users or it will allow the user to operate the app in a limited fashion.

That said, even in its limited capacity knowing everything you know about the day ahead is still pretty great. You are still getting that great collection of data and you are still getting it all in one place modified to your saved locations.

My Final Take

Overall the Hunting and Fishing Solunar Time app is a highly functional app that offers a beautiful and simple to operate interface. Anyone with an even basic knowledge of how to use apps will be able to take advantage of all these app offers.

Where this app really soars is in its ♦ ability to bring the outdoorsman all they need to know about the day that stands before them. There is no guessing about sunrise times and no wondering about tides.

I really like the Major and Minor times as well for day planning. It always helps to know exactly when you should be in the woods.  Any outdoorsman will enjoy having this app as part of his or her arsenal.

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