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Basically ⊗ every angler, no matter how much fishing experience they have will find this app useful ⊗. It will add a little something extra to your fishing experience that will help make it much more enjoyable. After all, any hobby like fishing is about enjoying your time while doing it and FishBrain will help take your love and enjoyment of fishing to a whole new level.

Main Features of FishBrain App

FishBrain is quickly becoming one of the largest and most popular community-based fishing Apps. It now has a following that includes thousands of active anglers sharing very helpful info about their catches and various other fish related findings on a daily basis. If you are a fisherman and enthusiastic angler, this unique new fishing app will allow you to:

⇒ Track Your Catches:

What’s better than being able to log your latest catch literally seconds after you have it on your boat. FishBrain gives you the ability to record and track your catches including the ability to note the fish’s weight, length, method used to catch it, catch picture and more. Once you log in your data, you can then use the app to display charts of your catches, check your progress and see when you are really killing it.

⇒ Connect with Other Anglers:

The world is one big online community these days and it’s no different when it comes to fishing. FishBrain allows you to be a big part of that without going through much effort at all. It enables you to easily get in touch with thousands of anglers that share your common fishing goals and interests.  FishBrain not only allows you to follow specific species of fish that you like to catch and play solo but it also allows you to connect with other anglers in your local area to share fishing information and to see who is the best. Literally, it’s the new Facebook for anglers! You can post your favorite fishing moments, join fishing discussions, and follow anglers or any specific fish species being caught or the methods used by FishBrain community members to catch them.

⇒ Get info on Fishing Hotspots:

Just like for any wireless hotspot, quality access points are a premium service on FishBrain that require a security key to connect to. In order to see such things as the closest fly fishing bass hotspot, you will need to load your electronic wallet and then pay a monthly subscription fee of 5.99 USD.

What I Liked The Most?

People Discovery

The Discovery feature acts much like the search tool on a social media app such as Facebook. It will allow you to contact and stay in touch with fishermen that you know, follow some of the better anglers that use the app and join groups of FishBrain users who have common fishing interests with you. You can even pick and choose the settings of this feature that you want to use at the current time. An example of this is on those days you just want to be alone with your own thoughts, you can conveniently show yourself as being offline. So you get to pick how social you want to be on any day you are using the app while out fishing.

News Feed

The news feed helps users to quickly get familiar with the application from the first time they use it. It also offers a quick access to the ‘Track Catches’ functionality which is one of the core features of the application. Also, I liked the small species pictures on the bottom-right side of the application which allow anglers to navigate easily to related posts within the same species category.

I believe that the news feed could be better organized by being split into several tabs or filtered based on relevant criteria (Newest, Most trendy, Relevant to You…) to promote navigability and offer a better user experience.

Map Discovery

The Map feature perfectly fulfills the core feature of the FishBrain App which is to provide anglers with a means to record their real life catches and then plot their exact location on map. It provides useful fishing information related to the area being displayed on the map such as news of the recent catches, the current weather forecast and the different fish species being caught in the area on the current day. To get access to the type of baits that people are having success with on a given day once again requires a premium subscription plan. FishBrain does a great job when it comes to promoting their paid services without annoying the user and taking away the joy of using the app.

What I Liked The Least?

Log a Catch

The “Log Catch” functions a few too many steps to be completed. It operates by taking you through a wizard which requires you to perform up to 10 manual actions to complete the whole operation of logging only one single catch. This makes it a critical issue given that this is a core feature of the application. In addition to this fact, the visual display design is not one that is very appealing to the user in most cases. I understand that at this point FishBrain App is trying to get the most relevant data about the anglers’ catches to populate the application with more useful information and makes it engaging with rich content.

Sign up and on-boarding

The application walks the user through the regular registration methods (via Email or Social media accounts) which is totally understandable. However, I deem that it might be better if the application gives a user the ability to continue as a guest. That way they can sample the app and assess its value before committing to register for its use. Also, the application doesn’t require any email or phone verification which allows malicious users to introduce fake data.

The on-boarding sequence is well-designed from the user experience perspective. It allows users to skip the steps of registering for a premium account and get right to logging their first catch. Even though I feel that mixing 2 separate goals in the same on-boarding sequence is not a good practice. Moreover, it’s safe to say that it’s less likely that anglers would go for a premium account or log a catch before using the app and getting familiar with it.

Application Header

I believe that there is a bit of confusion over this part of the app. The application header mixes up different types of functions with different levels of importance and usage. Showing these all at the same level is just not a good idea. Things such as the discover feature could easily be moved to the setting section since this feature is intended to only be lightly used by most app users.

Also, the fishing forecast functionality could be retired from the header and still be nicely accessible if kept only in the Mapbox section (in the bottom of the map). This would make this feature more dynamic by giving the weather forecast based only on the visible map section which is set by default to each user’s location.

One final thing to note, I think the FishBrain App could have taken better advantage of the menu tab (in place of the logo). This would help a user to better access only those features they were interested in and at the same time keep the header less cluttered as a user conducts their search.

User Experience

Splash Screen, Tips & On-boarding – Rating: 3/5

  • The app appears to load quickly but miss the load progress the first time.
  • The on-boarding sequence includes several steps and mixes different goals (premium account and creating first catch).
  • Splash screen is consistent with the brand.

Home screen & Navigation – Rating: 4/5

  • Home screen provides users (anglers) with the journey and functionality to complete their priority feature (adding catches), and provides content that meets their expectations.
  • Primary navigation and content (fishing news) is visible.
  • Off-line content is not supported.
  • Provides an infinitely scrolling on the home screen but in some cases dead-ends when selecting a single post.
  • User settings are not easily accessible.

Sign-up, Sign-in & Permissions – Rating: 3/5

  • User sign-up for the app is quick but the benefit statements are not compelling.
  • User has multiple sign-up options.
  • Doesn’t provide the non-signed-in journey.
  • Doesn’t perform email and phone verification.

Content & Design – Rating: 4/5

  • Content is used instead of a traditional home screen to engage users immediately.
  • User can discover new content via an Infinite stream (scrolling with no dead-ends in some cases).
  • Visual design engages and enhances the user experience.

Usability Hygiene – Rating: 3/5

  • Content is not accessible when user has no internet connection.
  • Primary call-to-action buttons (add catch and moment) are persistently visible.
  • Doesn’t ask users to rate app too soon after downloading it.

My Final Take

I hope you can now understand why this app jumped out at me once I first discovered it. It’s truly different than any fishing app I have ever come across. People who fish are like a brotherhood and FishBrain allows you to share your fishing experiences with this brotherhood more than any other fishing app. The social side of it will truly give you a unique fishing experience when using it.

The beauty of FishBrain does not start and stop with the online community aspect of it either. It is a handy way to chart and ♦ keep track of an abundance of your fishing days and see how successful you were on each one. You can use it to do such things as see patterns on certain fishing days that led you to be wildly successful and then use that to your advantage the next time you go out on the water. The things you can do regarding fishing with this app are pretty much only limited by your own imagination.

I personally have chosen to make this app a part of every one of my fishing days. When I am on the water on the same day as my faraway friends this app makes me feel more like we are in the same boat together as we share our day’s fishing experiences. Without a doubt, ♦ I feel this is a must have app for any angler that wants to experience even more enjoyment when they are out for a fun and relaxing day of fishing.

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